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New products: Slight V Lash 0.125MM Thickness, Most Soft Lash

New products, most soft lash -- SLIGHT V LASH 0.125mm thickness
Our new false eyelash products -- Slight v lash is the most soft lashes, it is flat lash with a recess and it is also can be separated by 2 lashes.
Slight v lash also have two branches at the tip, softer than single lash and flat lash.
Slight v lash easy to stand on the eye and make your eyelash more natural and flutter.
We also have special thickness 0.125mm, that make your eyelash lighter and make your eyes more comfortable.
  • Flat,with a recess: The smooth intersecting surface make it very easy to wear,  Large surface contact with the lashes.
  • Two branches at the tip: Two branches at the tip,softer than the single lash, makes eyelash extension more natural and flutter.
  • Best price Best quality:
  • Latest R&D 0.125mm: Make eyelash lighter, Make our eyes more comfortable.

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