Private Label Lashes and Packaging Factory
Private Label Lashes and Packaging Factory

How to choose high quality 3D Mink lashes?

1.3D Effect: 
High quality 3D lashes 3D effect is quite obviously. Our 3D lashes, no matter natural style and thick style, both of them have quite obvious 3D effect.
2.Soft Band: 
As you know, the soft Band make your eye quite comfortable and make your eye more beauty, our band are soft and suitable for different eye style. High quality lash usually can use about 30 times or so.
3.Mass production stable: 
When you place mass production for strip lashes, if you choose the high quality lash, every time you book the lashes will be quite same style, but the cheap lash mass production isn't stable and you may get different style.
We are a professional eyelash manufacturer in China with over 10 years experience, we have thousands of various styles lashes, I f you are interested, please kindly contact us and we'd like provide you free samples and catalogue.

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